New Wet Stencilcrete

As beautiful as brick as tough as concrete

Hi-Tech StencilCrete gives you the rich colours and textures of brick and stone with the superior strength of reinforced concrete. Traditional pavers look great, but as many of us know, they are prone to problems like weeds growing in cracks, dips and sagging in high traffic areas and loose or missing pavers – not to mention undermining and damage done by hordes of little black ants. These problems can be a thing of the past because Hi-Tech StencilCrete offers a strong, slip-resistant surface that stays looking good year after year. All you need is a hose and a broom to maintain your Hi-Tech StencilCrete. Hi tech also recommends re-sealing the surface every 18 months.

Hi-Tech StencilCrete opens up a whole new world of options in colours, textures and patterns that look and feel every bit as beautiful as brick. Imagine the character, impact and value you could add to your home. Turn a driveway into a sweeping entrance, a patio or pool area into a colourful oasis. You can complement or contrast Hi-Tech StencilCrete with your existing wall and roof colours to make a total fashion statement.

Hi-Tech StencilCrete has unlimited applications in residential and commercial settings:

• Driveways • Patios • Walkways • Pool decks • Parking areas
• Shopping centres • Hotels • Showrooms • School grounds
• Roundabouts • Drive-in retail • Cafes – to name just a few.

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H.T Ezi-Spray

Turns dull, grey concrete into a grand entrance

H.T. Ezi-Spray resurfacing can give your new or existing concrete the look and feel of quality paving for a fraction of the cost. You’ll love the rich colours, textures and character we can create around your home or business, from brick and paver effects. Old or new looks, the choice is yours: from weathered, grainy finishes that seem to have been aged in time, to sleek, smooth looks that complement crisp, clean modern architecture.
H.T. Ezi-Spray finishes don’t just look good. They are slip resistant and incredibly hard wearing. They can transform even heavy traffic areas like roadways, cul de sacs, streetscapes, shopping centres, parking areas, showrooms, sports centres, driveways, walkways, patios, barbecue and entertaining areas – anywhere you have existing concrete, and even if it is pitted and worn.
H.T. Ezi-Spray is a truly remarkable process that gives old concrete a brand new look.

Look at your grey concrete areas now, then imagine how brilliant they could look with the superb colours and textures of H.T. Ezi-Spray resurfacing. See photo gallery for examples.

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Stamped Concrete

Sun-bleached Wood

No, it’s stamped concrete, with the good looks locked in. While slate’s rich, random colours have made it a favourite paving and flooring material, it can be cost prohibitive for use in large areas such as driveways, entertaining and pool areas. Hi-Tech stamped concrete is the cost-effective solution that offers all the colours of slate with the strength of concrete. Even the look of sun-bleached wood can be created in stamped concrete to make a dramatically different surface.

Whatever your choice, Hi-Tech’s special colour hardeners seal in lasting good looks and offer an extremely durable finish that is so easy to maintain. Hi-Tech stamped concrete adds colour and character wherever you would normally use concrete in both domestic and commercial applications including pathways, driveways, and barbecue areas.

Colour-thru Concrete

Hi-Tech Stencilcrete has a range of Colour through oxides, A product added to the concrete cement truck to colour the cement mix, therefore eliminating extra labour costs to your job & making the colour uniform throughout the slab.

Download our Colour Chart

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